Carrot Halwa

Today,I want my readers to know about easy steps in making the Gajrela or Indian carrot halwa which is consumed during the winter season and good for health. This sweet dish can be preserved in fridge and eat over a period of week and will have same taste every time.It is very simple procedure and takes only 35 minutes to complete.

Carrots – 3/4 kg
Milk – 2 cup
Natura Sugarfree (30 gms or as per sweetness required)
Cardamom Powder – 1 Spoon
Butter/Ghee – 2 spoon
Almond, Pistachio and Cashew – few in number

Recipe Method:

  • First step is to wash the carrots and peel them. Then use the grater to grate the carrot.
  • Next step is put Ghee or Butter in a pan and heat it in low flame. Then add grated carrot to it.
  • IMAG0572
  • Then add the milk to it and as it starts to become thick enough, add sugar free natura in the right quantity and stir it well for some time for more thickness.Taste a little for sweetness.
  • Add cardamom powder along with dry fruits Almonds, Pistachio and Cashew to it and stir it for few more minutes.


Finally your carrot halwa or Gajrela is ready to be served.This can be served to 3-4 people at one time.

Most of the people are not aware about Sugar free Natura but it is very good for substituting sugar. It helps to save calories and preferred by diabetic patients. Those people can now also enjoy the Indian sweets without any hesitation or worry.

Taking the Challenge

We all look for some kind of energy and motivation from others and all this comes from my mother.Being a mother and entrepreneur at the same time is a very difficult job at times and requires a lot of time and efforts to give justice to both of them equally.But having self confidence and trust in oneself can boost up your passion and gives you inner strength to do something extraordinary and that is why I feel proud of my mother today for her effort and taking stand to set up her own boutique and run it on my own as a successful entrepreneur.It is the zest within her that makes me admire her as #madeofgreat personality.

Today,I want to talk about her life and her courage and her story of hardship.It starts after finishing her school, she decided to make her career in garments and fashion industry.She did a diploma course too in order to learn about type of clothes, garment and different dressing style and setting up your own fashion garment venture.Her passion and her work was always liked by her teacher and appreciated by all my relatives.She always wanted to be fashion designer in my life but due to financial issues and other personal problems, she could not start boutique on her own and design her own range of outfits.She got married very early and found herself locked in fulfillment of her responsibilities and duties of a home maker and at one stage she felt that her dream to start a boutique would never take off.


But when I was born and I started going to school, she again felt this is the right time to take a stand for myself and for their future.She started to save money from her husband salary and within two years, she had enough amounts to get two best sewing machines and hire a tailor. The last and most important thing for me was the space where she could show my designs and clothes. This time to my surprise my father took a stand for her and decided to shift his books and furniture from living area and gave her enough space to start-up boutique. With god grace and blessings, people started coming to look at her dresses and give orders. First six months were really tough and there were few orders.Slowly and steadily, people started to like her work.After many years,I can proudly say that her business is more stable now with six tailors working under her and she has customer base of more than 1000 customers.I found summarize that she had a passion and courage to stay alive with her dream and fire to get it done one day and this is why she is my proud mother and real women in today’s world.

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Motherhood with Baby Skin Care

In everyone lives, there are certain occasion or life changing moments which are always special and hold important place in your heart and remembered throughout till we die. This could be anything from your marriage, your first job or first baby and much more. All moments with my baby are very special and the moment when you realize your responsibility and enjoy being called a mom. Getting my small kid ready for school or playing with him. Everything with him was special. Baby skin is light and delicate and requires so much attention for skin care.

I had no sense at earlier stage about kids care and handling babies. I used to talk to my friends and read parenting magazines and did many things so that I could understand about small baby’s skin issues. For initial months, my baby could not speak like everyone and I had to interpret from his behaviour and expressions to make him comfortable and stop him from crying. As a mother, I used to give him more attention at night so that he could have a good sleep which was considered as very important for baby’s skin.

Today I am going to share the secret with all of you and future parents about skin care for small cute babies. Babies need massage for skin softness and so I would rub his hands and legs with almond oil so that it gives flexibility to his skin and makes his bones strong. Next, I would change my baby clothes and have a night wear which was quite elastic and wide so that air can easily pass through. This makes the baby very comfortable and happy at the same time. In case the baby would start crying in middle of night or not able to sleep, then I would check his diapers or wet clothes which made him uncomfortable. Usually it is found that the baby skin is very sensitive and soft and it is important to have a good quality diapers which prevent rashes on skin and soak the water. Most of times, he would stop crying after changing his diaper. Babies should not be taken too many places during the festival season as there is too much pollution and it may harm the baby health. Babies should be given scrub massage made of mixture of fruits so that it can be beneficial for baby skin. Babies should be always kept in close watch and they can hurt themselves and damage the skin too. Babies bath must be done by using baby soap and all precautions must be taken in due consideration before using any perfume or shampoo with consultation from doctor.

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Tips for Baby Skin Care

Motherhood is the best life cycle of our life and I get emotional when I see my baby. I have tears of joy and happiness when I have my baby in my arms. I have made a pledge to dedicate our life to ensure our child remains healthy and happy and do everything we can afford to take care of him and give him best life. We should also take care of baby skin and help the baby adjust to the environment. Taking good care of baby and teaching him good things in life is very important and part of our Indian culture. Babies are very delicate and even small things which hurt their skin may make them cry. During the first few months, it was not easy for me as my baby was born light weight and was weak and so I had to take extra care of him.

I would always keep the baby in my arms and would hug him numerous times in a day so that he can sleep and feel comfortable in external environment. I like to keep him wrap in a cosy blanket and would tickle him when changing his clothes. Babies should be worn soft and extra loose clothes so that baby’s skin does not get hurt and skin remains soft. My boy’s loves water and I would put teddy bear and other little toys in the bathing tub and would switch on the music and then he starts dancing in his own way. I simply love his big smile and fun when he starts to jump in the bath tub and grab attention of everyone in the family. Babies should be given bath with lukewarm water as it is very good for their skin. Sleep is also an important thing for a child skin and gives him energy to stay fresh and happy for next day. I make sure the doors are closed and curtain prevents sunlight to enter the room and baby can have proper sleep and his skin does not get infected from mosquito bites. Dengue and other such diseases can harm the baby and pose serious problem to baby health and skin. Baby nest must be used as small babies cannot act by themselves in self defence.

Babies should be dry from inside and this is only possible with good quality diapers and thus his skin is protected from rashes and baby could have sound sleep without getting disturbed anytime.

All I wish now that your baby be healthy with softest baby skin and enjoy his childhood days.

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