Taking the Challenge

We all look for some kind of energy and motivation from others and all this comes from my mother.Being a mother and entrepreneur at the same time is a very difficult job at times and requires a lot of time and efforts to give justice to both of them equally.But having self confidence and trust in oneself can boost up your passion and gives you inner strength to do something extraordinary and that is why I feel proud of my mother today for her effort and taking stand to set up her own boutique and run it on my own as a successful entrepreneur.It is the zest within her that makes me admire her as #madeofgreat personality.

Today,I want to talk about her life and her courage and her story of hardship.It starts after finishing her school, she decided to make her career in garments and fashion industry.She did a diploma course too in order to learn about type of clothes, garment and different dressing style and setting up your own fashion garment venture.Her passion and her work was always liked by her teacher and appreciated by all my relatives.She always wanted to be fashion designer in my life but due to financial issues and other personal problems, she could not start boutique on her own and design her own range of outfits.She got married very early and found herself locked in fulfillment of her responsibilities and duties of a home maker and at one stage she felt that her dream to start a boutique would never take off.


But when I was born and I started going to school, she again felt this is the right time to take a stand for myself and for their future.She started to save money from her husband salary and within two years, she had enough amounts to get two best sewing machines and hire a tailor. The last and most important thing for me was the space where she could show my designs and clothes. This time to my surprise my father took a stand for her and decided to shift his books and furniture from living area and gave her enough space to start-up boutique. With god grace and blessings, people started coming to look at her dresses and give orders. First six months were really tough and there were few orders.Slowly and steadily, people started to like her work.After many years,I can proudly say that her business is more stable now with six tailors working under her and she has customer base of more than 1000 customers.I found summarize that she had a passion and courage to stay alive with her dream and fire to get it done one day and this is why she is my proud mother and real women in today’s world.

Guys do watch this video and answer this question to win amazon shopping voucher from my side.

Question – What do you think of Tata Motors association with Lionel Messi?


3 thoughts on “Taking the Challenge

  1. I read this post and could not stop myself from commenting about it.It is great story about a common family woman who is #madeofgreat.I wish all success to you and wishes.

    My answer is that choosing Messi who has been four-time winner of the best football player of the world award and Argentine captain is the right decision by Tata Motors.Tata motors is known for its quality and best in class cars in the automobile industry and Messi combination will be great example in Indian community.People look for best and both are best in perfomance delivery.


  2. This is indeed a great story and I am really inspired by your

    story.I wish I could meet him someday.

    My answer to your question: Messi with Tata Motors is one on one

    best combination ever as they both are commited to their fans and

    have respect for them. I like the simple approach,their approach

    towards their work and commitment.As to the question of Lionel

    Messi I am of the opinion that Tata’s were greatly lucky to have found

    the real gem of a person for their brand campaigning. Nothing could

    have done justice with their brand like Lionel Messi.Both are right

    sync for each other and I can see them in long distance relationship

    and make a deadly combination which will ensure that common man

    can easily can connect with them.


  3. Messi is one of the greatest sportsman of all times and world know about his talent and his skills while playing the soccer at the highest level.He has knocked every opponent down and taken the crowd by surprise by his moves.On the other hand,Tata motors legacy is not far behind and has the highest regard when it comes to their cars.Hence,they equate each other and form the new and authentic combination.


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