Jammu and Kashmir- Paradise on Earth

One of the cities which makes to the top places and it is excellent in terms of factors like design, drive and connect is Jammu and Kashmir. It is always special for me and I have connection with it from my childhood days. I really feel lucky to get opportunity to travel with my mother and family members to travel to Jammu and Kashmir and Katra. After so many years from my marriage, I still love this destination. With respect to the connectivity and connection, Kashmir has good roads and we can easily get a prepaid taxi very easily. We can also rent a car and drive though one has to go through lot of police check posts for purpose of safety. During my last trip, it was so cool for me when my husband asked me to drive the car. I felt so happy about it and really it was great driving experience for me with so little less traffic on roads and people here had good traffic sense. I could see more 4 wheelers on road than bikes. Jammu and Kashmir is well connected to other Indian states and we can travel via air, train, bus and other public transport to reach different places which makes journey quite easy. We can go to Katra via train for offering prayers to Ma Vaishno Devi and then use to walk barefoot up to the temple.

People often think that finding different Indian food in hill station may be a difficult task but when I went to Katra, it was nice to see various cuisines from North India and special South Indian dishes like Idli Sambhar, Dosa and much more easily available People here are very honest and simple. They are good from heart and always willing to help the stranger.

There are so many things to do in Jammu and Kashmir. I love seeing the valleys, natural parks and famous religious and historical places here. The greenery and open spaces help in reducing both physical and mental stress. You must see the Gulmarg and Anantnag plus do head to the ancient Avantipura temple. The beauty of Kashmir is that you can visit and buy fresh apples from the Apple farm. The Kashmir fruits are so fresh and full of juice. We can really see the difference myself while consuming Kashmir apple. Then you can head from valley to hilly place covering Anantnag and Pahalgaon. In Pahalgaon, there is a famous ancient temple where sulphur water is present and it is natural coming from the ground. You can ride using horse to travel up the hills to Baisharan valley and there we found many tourists traveller including foreigners clicking pictures.

I really love spending time in Kashmir and having Kashmir cuisine with Kava special tea. I see it as heaven and paradise on earth.

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