CaratLane #LoveandLaughter Moments

I had an arrange marriage and first few weeks were difficult for me to settle in different town and without my parents around me. It was a complete new atmosphere but all credit to my husband for making me feel at our new home. I still cannot forget my honeymoon vacation. I was really surprised as whole room was decorated with beautiful multi colour flowers. There was a disco type light in the room and the scene was one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced in my life yet. Then, he planned a breakfast for me and tea made by him. All such beautiful memories with him make me more in love with him.

One of the love and laughter moment was when we taught me driving the car. It was the moment which brought me close to him as everyone was against in the family for my decision to learn this art of driving. Then learning driving with him was always fun as I had no idea about technical knowledge of car. I could see his shivering face and we had lot of funny things that happened during the learning process. The most thrilling moment for me was when I incidentally cut his moustache while he was sleeping. It was worth watching him hiding his face behind my back and keeping his hand over his mouth. I knew he was angry but he ignored everything and accepted my apology. The whole incident made us more close to each other.

The best thing about our relationship is that there are no conditions or boundaries. We both have set the conditions to have our freedom and set our limits. There is so much of trust and freedom that we always remain happy and together. We have a rule to call each other once in the afternoon and talk to each other no matter how busy we are. We share our daily issues and sort out by talking to each other. We are like a free bird for each other and respect our relationship. We care for each other and try to improve the bond with each single day. I remember my hubby would take care of me as well perform all the duties of home when I had a fracture and could not walk for two months. It was a very difficult moment for me but my husband took all the work himself. He made me laugh with his comic timing and made me laugh so much that I forgot about my fracture. He has made me fall in love again and again with each passing day.

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CaratLane #LoveandLaughter Moments

Everyone has right to take decision in his life and choose the life partner. I always feel lucky to live with my husband and have a family which is always there for me. It is so good for me to have someone with me who gives me directions and support every day. His presence in my life gives me optimism and motivation to go ahead and live life as per my conditions. He is like soul to me which helps to unwind myself and stay away from all the tensions and worries in my life.I often taunt him about his face book and social media profile and ask him about it. I do check his whatsapp status often and ask about his friends. But all this happens in just a funny manner and with a good intention. Then on weekend watching comedy shows with hubby and dining out help us to get away from normal life and fall in love again.

I like my husband as he is simple and honest. It was my husband who proposed me on my birthday few years back at the foot over artificial bridge at Kingdoms of Dreams in Gurgaon. I remember his proposal to me with flowers creating background scenery. My husband loves watching television and play movies on pen drive after coming from office. I usually often have a complaint that he spends less time on talking with me and I usually switch off the television at times. This often leads to arguments but in the end all ends with laugh and sweet memories as my husband tries to make up stories and lightens the atmosphere. One of the most romantic and funny moment was when he prepared special dinner for me on our first anniversary. He had no idea about preparing anything and his meal was totally a disaster and we got into an argument. But then we again went to kitchen and prepared the meal together this time and it was so much fun and it gave so much pleasure and happiness all around.

On this upcoming valentine day, my proposal plan would be make a short video using a movie editor which will include all our memories from the point when we first met then marriage pictures and the places we visited together. I hope this plan works out as planned and I am able to make it special for him. I think it is the best idea about celebrating valentine day in the perfect manner at home itself.

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”

Impact of New Rule

Today I am going to discuss about the most popular and recent big happenings in the national city of Delhi. You all must have heard about the famous Odd-Even rule that has been in news for the last couple of week. According to this rule, only odd numbered cars can be functional on odd days and the even numbered cars would be functional on even days. But, it would be a relaxation to people having CNG cars as this rule is not applicable on CNG cars. This rule was implemented on a 15-day trial basis from Jan 1 to Jan 15 2016 by the Aam Aadmi government which is currently having power and elected by the people.

With the growing pollution levels in the air it has become a condition where measures should be taken as soon as possible. Every parent promises good education, good facilities and good living style for their children but it is a matter of great shame that we are not able to provide them with fresh air. Is it so important to travel in our own car rather than the public transport? Is our comfort more important than the health of our children and the upcoming generation? I hope not. This is the time that people of Delhi should unite and stand together to bring a change to control the levels of pollution and toxicity in air which is destroying the good health of our children.

This rule has been a measure taken for this purpose only. We have discussed the importance of this rule but everything has some pros and cons, similarly in this situation too there are some cons faced by the common man who only knows to work and earn to live a normal life. But it is a great saying “Let us try at least once and see the effects.”

However, situation can be made better if the govt. and public join their hands together to change the present scenario. Govt. should increase the load capacity of public vehicles including the Delhi Metro. Also, govt. can start a cab service which would run on CNG and would cost cheaper to people for travelling to those in hurry. Heavy trucks and vehicles which cause more air pollution should be denied permission to enter the city and should be made to pass away using the By-Pass Highways.

I know it will take some time as major changes do not happen overnight but I can see a hope for a better tomorrow and we all are waiting excitedly for that day to come. It is a great start and appreciated by many people from around the world and I would like this rule to be implemented for longer period of time in coming weeks.

Wish you a great journey ahead Delhi!

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Motivational and Incredible Movies


The First on the list is “Shawshank Redemption”. Well it is a 1994 movie which is about a prisoner of the jail. He is imprisoned in the blame of murdering his wife and a man with whom she had an affair with. The movie showcases the prison life and difficulties faced in it. Later on the protagonist gets to know about the real murderer of her wife and plans his way out of prison. The movie is great and inspiring. Till Now it has the Highest Rating over Internet Movie Database.

Second is “The Social Network” which according to me the most inspiring movie for all the engineers as it is based on how Face book was formed. It is the true story of Mark Zuckerberg who created Face book. The movie is really inspiring to every computer programmer that a small 2 year engineering student made a social networking website that has over a billion users worldwide. The most shocking thing about Face book is that it was invented incidentally, as there was no big dream of Mark to make Face book it just happened to do a cool thing in the college. Third one is “Jobs” another movie which is a sort of biography of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers which is one of the biggest companies of the world. Steve was a college dropout who got a revolutionary idea to personalize the computers of that age for every common person so that people can work on computer even at their home. The movie is a great work of cinema and that is why it is really motivating to all the people who want to be the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Fourth in the row is “The pursuit of Happiness” which is based on the true story of “Christopher Gardner”. This is one of the famous movies of the world. It stars the famous actor “Will Smith” as Christopher. The movie showcases the struggle and bad living conditions that Gardner has to face in the initial stages of his life. Life was very bad that moment and to handle everything was only possible by earning every day. He struggled a lot to clear an internship and finally got a job at stock marketing.

Last one is “The Internship”. Everybody use Google to navigate through web links and get here and there through searches but no one thinks how difficult this work is to do such awesome job. Similarly, it is very difficult to get recruited in Google. This movie is based on this only. Two best friends figure out an internship at Google and work really hard to convert it into a successful job. I must say that it is one of the movies that motivate me a lot. I hope you like the list of movies and will watch it too.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Wake up to a Gold Morning!

A perfect beginning can do wonders in life and it all happens from the start of a good morning. There is trick to create your own gold morning and no one else can do on your behalf. It is all about your attitude and your way of taking it up right from the beginning of the long day. My daily routine involves waking up early and hitting the yoga park area and cranking up a bit. It is all about being motivated by the trainer and close friends to gear up for the day and tone up your body to meet the high level of activity for the upcoming day.

Early morning greeting everyone “Good Morning” in the family and your neighbour is really a good habit and really helps you to build a positive relationship and makes you feel happy. Then taking a morning walk or run to the yoga centre helps you in warm up and building body stamina. Next thing which adds to my gold morning is feeding loaf of bread to the migratory birds and street dogs or animals which come on my way en-route. This makes me feel positive and optimistic in life.

Coming back to home after an hour of workout makes me feel hungry and I like to have intake of heavy diet. But before that I need a dose of freshness and I usually head to brush my teeth and have a cold water bath irrespective of outside temperature or season. Cold water bath works for me and I find it really refreshing and it helps to bring activeness to my body. My tooth used to have a bad breadth but now my mornings had turn into gold morning and this is possible with help of using the new and amazing Colgate Charcoal brush. It has brought a new layer of freshness and set up new standard of hygiene to set up #Colgate360GoldMornings.Diet is very important thing and first meal has to be taken on time and I usually like to intake cornflakes and milk shake. This is followed by curd and homemade full of Ghee and butter roasted bread prepared by mommy mantra to stay happy and not to take any job pressure or tensions in life and keep on moving with life. There is no need to rush or skip morning breakfast for sake of earning extra income. The key of my mantra is to keep on moving and stay happy in life.