Motivational and Incredible Movies


The First on the list is “Shawshank Redemption”. Well it is a 1994 movie which is about a prisoner of the jail. He is imprisoned in the blame of murdering his wife and a man with whom she had an affair with. The movie showcases the prison life and difficulties faced in it. Later on the protagonist gets to know about the real murderer of her wife and plans his way out of prison. The movie is great and inspiring. Till Now it has the Highest Rating over Internet Movie Database.

Second is “The Social Network” which according to me the most inspiring movie for all the engineers as it is based on how Face book was formed. It is the true story of Mark Zuckerberg who created Face book. The movie is really inspiring to every computer programmer that a small 2 year engineering student made a social networking website that has over a billion users worldwide. The most shocking thing about Face book is that it was invented incidentally, as there was no big dream of Mark to make Face book it just happened to do a cool thing in the college. Third one is “Jobs” another movie which is a sort of biography of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers which is one of the biggest companies of the world. Steve was a college dropout who got a revolutionary idea to personalize the computers of that age for every common person so that people can work on computer even at their home. The movie is a great work of cinema and that is why it is really motivating to all the people who want to be the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Fourth in the row is “The pursuit of Happiness” which is based on the true story of “Christopher Gardner”. This is one of the famous movies of the world. It stars the famous actor “Will Smith” as Christopher. The movie showcases the struggle and bad living conditions that Gardner has to face in the initial stages of his life. Life was very bad that moment and to handle everything was only possible by earning every day. He struggled a lot to clear an internship and finally got a job at stock marketing.

Last one is “The Internship”. Everybody use Google to navigate through web links and get here and there through searches but no one thinks how difficult this work is to do such awesome job. Similarly, it is very difficult to get recruited in Google. This movie is based on this only. Two best friends figure out an internship at Google and work really hard to convert it into a successful job. I must say that it is one of the movies that motivate me a lot. I hope you like the list of movies and will watch it too.

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