Wake up to a Gold Morning!

A perfect beginning can do wonders in life and it all happens from the start of a good morning. There is trick to create your own gold morning and no one else can do on your behalf. It is all about your attitude and your way of taking it up right from the beginning of the long day. My daily routine involves waking up early and hitting the yoga park area and cranking up a bit. It is all about being motivated by the trainer and close friends to gear up for the day and tone up your body to meet the high level of activity for the upcoming day.

Early morning greeting everyone “Good Morning” in the family and your neighbour is really a good habit and really helps you to build a positive relationship and makes you feel happy. Then taking a morning walk or run to the yoga centre helps you in warm up and building body stamina. Next thing which adds to my gold morning is feeding loaf of bread to the migratory birds and street dogs or animals which come on my way en-route. This makes me feel positive and optimistic in life.

Coming back to home after an hour of workout makes me feel hungry and I like to have intake of heavy diet. But before that I need a dose of freshness and I usually head to brush my teeth and have a cold water bath irrespective of outside temperature or season. Cold water bath works for me and I find it really refreshing and it helps to bring activeness to my body. My tooth used to have a bad breadth but now my mornings had turn into gold morning and this is possible with help of using the new and amazing Colgate Charcoal brush. It has brought a new layer of freshness and set up new standard of hygiene to set up #Colgate360GoldMornings.Diet is very important thing and first meal has to be taken on time and I usually like to intake cornflakes and milk shake. This is followed by curd and homemade full of Ghee and butter roasted bread prepared by mommy mantra to stay happy and not to take any job pressure or tensions in life and keep on moving with life. There is no need to rush or skip morning breakfast for sake of earning extra income. The key of my mantra is to keep on moving and stay happy in life.

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