Impact of New Rule

Today I am going to discuss about the most popular and recent big happenings in the national city of Delhi. You all must have heard about the famous Odd-Even rule that has been in news for the last couple of week. According to this rule, only odd numbered cars can be functional on odd days and the even numbered cars would be functional on even days. But, it would be a relaxation to people having CNG cars as this rule is not applicable on CNG cars. This rule was implemented on a 15-day trial basis from Jan 1 to Jan 15 2016 by the Aam Aadmi government which is currently having power and elected by the people.

With the growing pollution levels in the air it has become a condition where measures should be taken as soon as possible. Every parent promises good education, good facilities and good living style for their children but it is a matter of great shame that we are not able to provide them with fresh air. Is it so important to travel in our own car rather than the public transport? Is our comfort more important than the health of our children and the upcoming generation? I hope not. This is the time that people of Delhi should unite and stand together to bring a change to control the levels of pollution and toxicity in air which is destroying the good health of our children.

This rule has been a measure taken for this purpose only. We have discussed the importance of this rule but everything has some pros and cons, similarly in this situation too there are some cons faced by the common man who only knows to work and earn to live a normal life. But it is a great saying “Let us try at least once and see the effects.”

However, situation can be made better if the govt. and public join their hands together to change the present scenario. Govt. should increase the load capacity of public vehicles including the Delhi Metro. Also, govt. can start a cab service which would run on CNG and would cost cheaper to people for travelling to those in hurry. Heavy trucks and vehicles which cause more air pollution should be denied permission to enter the city and should be made to pass away using the By-Pass Highways.

I know it will take some time as major changes do not happen overnight but I can see a hope for a better tomorrow and we all are waiting excitedly for that day to come. It is a great start and appreciated by many people from around the world and I would like this rule to be implemented for longer period of time in coming weeks.

Wish you a great journey ahead Delhi!

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