CaratLane #LoveandLaughter Moments

Everyone has right to take decision in his life and choose the life partner. I always feel lucky to live with my husband and have a family which is always there for me. It is so good for me to have someone with me who gives me directions and support every day. His presence in my life gives me optimism and motivation to go ahead and live life as per my conditions. He is like soul to me which helps to unwind myself and stay away from all the tensions and worries in my life.I often taunt him about his face book and social media profile and ask him about it. I do check his whatsapp status often and ask about his friends. But all this happens in just a funny manner and with a good intention. Then on weekend watching comedy shows with hubby and dining out help us to get away from normal life and fall in love again.

I like my husband as he is simple and honest. It was my husband who proposed me on my birthday few years back at the foot over artificial bridge at Kingdoms of Dreams in Gurgaon. I remember his proposal to me with flowers creating background scenery. My husband loves watching television and play movies on pen drive after coming from office. I usually often have a complaint that he spends less time on talking with me and I usually switch off the television at times. This often leads to arguments but in the end all ends with laugh and sweet memories as my husband tries to make up stories and lightens the atmosphere. One of the most romantic and funny moment was when he prepared special dinner for me on our first anniversary. He had no idea about preparing anything and his meal was totally a disaster and we got into an argument. But then we again went to kitchen and prepared the meal together this time and it was so much fun and it gave so much pleasure and happiness all around.

On this upcoming valentine day, my proposal plan would be make a short video using a movie editor which will include all our memories from the point when we first met then marriage pictures and the places we visited together. I hope this plan works out as planned and I am able to make it special for him. I think it is the best idea about celebrating valentine day in the perfect manner at home itself.

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”

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