CaratLane #LoveandLaughter Moments

I had an arrange marriage and first few weeks were difficult for me to settle in different town and without my parents around me. It was a complete new atmosphere but all credit to my husband for making me feel at our new home. I still cannot forget my honeymoon vacation. I was really surprised as whole room was decorated with beautiful multi colour flowers. There was a disco type light in the room and the scene was one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced in my life yet. Then, he planned a breakfast for me and tea made by him. All such beautiful memories with him make me more in love with him.

One of the love and laughter moment was when we taught me driving the car. It was the moment which brought me close to him as everyone was against in the family for my decision to learn this art of driving. Then learning driving with him was always fun as I had no idea about technical knowledge of car. I could see his shivering face and we had lot of funny things that happened during the learning process. The most thrilling moment for me was when I incidentally cut his moustache while he was sleeping. It was worth watching him hiding his face behind my back and keeping his hand over his mouth. I knew he was angry but he ignored everything and accepted my apology. The whole incident made us more close to each other.

The best thing about our relationship is that there are no conditions or boundaries. We both have set the conditions to have our freedom and set our limits. There is so much of trust and freedom that we always remain happy and together. We have a rule to call each other once in the afternoon and talk to each other no matter how busy we are. We share our daily issues and sort out by talking to each other. We are like a free bird for each other and respect our relationship. We care for each other and try to improve the bond with each single day. I remember my hubby would take care of me as well perform all the duties of home when I had a fracture and could not walk for two months. It was a very difficult moment for me but my husband took all the work himself. He made me laugh with his comic timing and made me laugh so much that I forgot about my fracture. He has made me fall in love again and again with each passing day.

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