Share Household Work


Household chores must be about contribution by all.Participation by all leads to more bonding.Younger generation today must help their parents in house activity as per their parents direction as they provide them with good education, good facilities and good living style.The school teacher should also motivate them to indulge in work so that their parents can do other important work.Children and youth are going to be the future of the country and it is important that participate actively in providing help to their parents and raise voice against gender inequality at homes.We also see that children are addicted to social sites and they must spend less time on face book and devote time to clean up the room.It is to try to balance our life in the right way to make sure we have time for everything.It is a great lesson to learn for children by doing house cleaning and will help them to stay independent plus make them strong enough to face any kind of situation in life.

All woman should break this stereotypes and ask their family member to join her in doing the household chores.Laundry is not just for women but can be done by male counterpart too.Male domination must end and woman must get time to do things other than just the household chore.People think that cleaning and laundry is very easy thing and simple.But all this is nice to dream but in reality, it is very difficult task and requires a lot of effort which has very little participation from male members.All should think that their home represents them and it looks give a brand image to people visiting or coming to see them and their family members.This is a big and valid reason for them to take up household chore activity.

It is the need of hour that we all take up to fight for better status to woman and give them equal status.We need to change the mindset by treating everyone equal and not on basis of gender and sex.The real thing is that society is still not ready to accept them to get ahead of male population and get to be treated as equal to them.This situation occurs at home too.Such traditional thinking should be changed and woman has to act and bring participation to change the mindset and attitude. We can all bring in the change by setting up an example and help those who are facing such issues from long time.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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