Share Load with Family

I would like to share my own story today. We have been living in bungalow for years now and still feel every day; I need to change something or the other in it. My expectations never end when it comes from home. My mom does her best to make it feel elegant and comfortable. She works whole day to make it look nice and well maintained. She is doing all this for many years and still continues to do soothe irony is that no one has ever asked about why she only participates to do all household chores. She does the laundry and floor cleaning plus many more things. She has been doing this stuff and never complains to anyone about it. Everyone feels that she does it as it is her duty only. I think we have become lazy and she is most active in our house. I think my mom deserves the break now and we need to do something to make her life easy. She works continuously from morning to evening hours and without any break or any holiday. This is common scene in our society and we need to get rid of this culture and tell the new generation that time has come to end this household work trauma only for woman and give them certain relaxation by sharing the load.

The best thing is to start our own work and stop asking for help. We need to solve our problems and not disturb our mother for all the small things. We should try to learn the tricks of household chore and do it ourself.We may feel difficult to adjust and work out at starting but it would really help you to do better in life. Your mother or wife would be really happy and it will lead to more happiness in the family.

As we grow up and get more knowledge, logically we should take more care about our gender justice and be more sensitive but the opposite happens. We try to accept old traditions plus culture and follow it blindly many times. We never think whether it is right for woman and have a valid reason to support it. This careless and disgusted attitude of people has caused more harm to woman and their dignity. We should treat them equal at times and give them support at all times. In this modern world, woman needs to be given opportunity and reward them for things they do for the family.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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