My Expectations

People say that it is one of the most difficult tasks to understand the girls. But I think it is not really a tough job and people have just made it hype. Being a girl I think that in this modern world it is difficult to understand anyone as the lives have become so busy and full of activities that a lot of things are going on in everyone’s life leaving a puzzle in the mind of outside about what a person is really up to. However, girls like me have a little more expectation from the guy they think they would have for their entire lifetime. It is really a big decision for both the males and the females while selecting the type of person they would like to live with but besides this girls want to be more secure in a relationship they expect that their man is truthful to her and she always want him to trust her in each and every moment of life. Girls want their partner to be more understanding in every condition even though things seems to be faulty but he should know from within that in the end everything would be fine.

Before getting married, in this modern era of life style some girls want independent relationships which means that they would be in relationship but such that they would also like to live their own life to the fullest. Some girls really don’t want that their partner is judging them and putting restrictions on things that they want to do and enjoy those things.

Also it has been found out that girls are more comfortable in long distance relationship then boys are because girls think that they are free to do what they want to and now there is no restriction upon them for experiencing life however, some may feel a little possessive about their boyfriends being indulge with other girls. Initially, they may be afraid of breaking up as their man may get involve with some other girl but when relationship works out with time this thing also ends up. People also say that girls want money and run behind the boys who have bigger wallet but this is not the case truly. So, that is all I would like to comment on the nature of girls and want to say that it is really not a big issue to understand girls just keep an open eye to them and u will truly know what your dream girl expects from you.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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