My life Desire

A wise man once said “It is really difficult to understand some people, once of the category is young girls”. This may be true but not completely though as all the things that a person is not able to achieve directly we consider it to be difficult but don’t you think we should rather look up to things more logically, I mean if you want to impress a girl to be yours then the first thing would be to completely know a girl and understand what she wants. This can be done by becoming a very close friend to a girl, if she starts sharing everything from you then we can say that yeah things are working out between you both.

I expect something from the person they would like to be with. It is the mentality of the society that girls are superior in making the decisions to be in a relationship as they have obviously more choices to be in a relationship and they guys have to suffer a little more to be in the relationship with the girl they like. The first and the basic thing that almost every girl expect from their man is that he speaks truth to her always and anyways.This is kind of obvious too that if a boy is not able to speak truth to her partner then whom will he tell what is actually going on in his life. Girls want proper honest relationship and also they want full hearted trustfulness in a relationship.

Secondly,I expect that their man is special to her and different from others, this is the most important deciding factor when a girl selects a guy to come in a relationship with. It is really very easy to understand how a girl selects a boy for her. It is like when a group of options are available to a girl they would obviously select the guy who will be special from other and would keep her happy always. Exactly, girls mostly don’t care about being rich and achieving big things in life they care about relationships more and want to feel happy from it. So, girls want a boy who always keep them happy and joyful regardless of what the situation is. Remember that money is not the thing that can buy happiness, it is the strength of relations that matter. That would be all I would do tell you about the girls, I hope that these points were really good and some of them would really help you out managing you relationship well enough to proceed in life.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”


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