Holi festival is celebrated with so much of enthusiasm among the people and we feel united as a citizen of this country. All the people share the same status and we can put colours over anyone without thinking about his reservation or caste. This festival holds more importance to people living in Northern India and particularly in Uttar Pradesh where Holi is played in different styles and ways. It sometimes goes for more than a week and people still enjoy it in rural areas. Many workers go back to their hometown to celebrate this festival with family members. It has lot of emotions and sentiments attached with the family members. There is nothing better than being with family members during the auspicious festival of Holi.

Childhood is the best time of my life and I cannot forget the Holi which is still one of India most celebrated festival of the year. I have so many memories of Holi festival and each occasion is special for me. I had Holi memories of my childhood and then my college life. It was the sweetest time in childhood when my uncle would come to my home and bring all types of sprays and colors.He would also bring the dark colours which were hard and would be glowing and shiny. He would bring the water balloons and water sprays which would be in foam form. My family would take me to our society park where all people would gather for rain dance and singing songs of holi. There would be a competition where we had to eat maximum number of ladoos.We would all wear white clothes and divide into two teams and then play holi. Certain members also engaged in playing in the swimming pool. It would be going on till the evening and all people had a blast and cool time together. In the late evening, get together dinner would be organized and people would eat some delicious Indian food and dance at local folk songs. The party would go on till midnight and this was how the holi was celebrated in my childhood. Another moment which I remember is celebration of holi festival in college. During the college we would go to nearby club and party with friends and throw the colour in the air. I would also take my senior friends in the college along. We also had a ritual of taking blessing from our teacher. It was golden days of my life and I still continue to celebrate this festival with family.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

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