Songs of the Mist Short Review

Mr Shashi through¬†this book “Songs of the¬†Mist Volume 1 (The Monk Key Series) has tried to explain about our life and evolution of human to discover about our existence here. It is about looking for answers to search about human connection and our connection to spiritual world.
This book is published by Notion Press with amazing 214 pages written in straight forward and expressive way. It belongs to literary and spiritual category and involves journey to the beautiful mountains of Himalayas started in search of self discovery by people belonging to different field of study in search of monk. There are quotes and certain sentences which help you to understand about life and human nature. The main characters in this fiction are Ash tosh and Ayan plus we have Yogini Anishka, Calliope and Kyaka.Ashutosh is trying to be a monk and Ayan is looking in search of finding about spirituality while Anishka is more inclined to Yoga for finding the way of life.Kyaka in this fiction is basically an imagination of Ashutosh as a tribal girl which helps him to relax and de-stress him in different situations. All these characters come alive when they meet each other and then the story becomes really interesting.

This book is must read for people who feel lost in this social world and finding it hard to get up to the terms of life. It makes you understand that life is more than technology and working to earn money and all secondary things. This book is must if you are looking for understanding life and its meaning to us.

This book can be bought from various e-commerce sites mainly Amazon and flipkart. You can purchase it at the cost of Rs.299 only.