I remember from instance of my older sister who would like to keep my cute daughter wrap in a cosy blanket and would tickle him when changing his clothes and would hug him.She become so busy after the baby was born and it was such a wonderful experience to watch out her going from single to family girl.We all know that pregnancy leads to so many instant changes happening with the woman during the cycle and it brings so many health problems related to child health and growth.It also affects indirectly the mother.The woman needs to take care of herself even more and she cannot be lazy and careless when it comes to taking the proper diet and medication.I found the case of my sister as a great experience where she went from a thin little girl to weight chubby figure and then she had to exercise and follow strict order from the doctor to come back to her normal shape and bring back her sexy figure again.It was not easy for her as after birth her duties increased a lot and she could leave the baby for even a second.I could recall that she had to give up taking ghee and butter plus cut out other fat content food after pregnancy which was given to her by our aunt in pregnancy period.Her skin and face also needed a makeover during those weeks.

I was more consious than my sister when it came to my chance and had idea about many things.We also had fun moments with the family baby shower ceramony and other duties before the birth of the child.It was very important to get the blessing of all people from our social circle.My husband also brought the baby gifts and toys so that I could relate it to them and be happy.My sister advice of using home made medicines to tackle daily issues also helped me in that time.I remember that I had to visit the doctor every week during my pregnancy months and bear the medication.I had tears of joy and happiness when I saw my baby first time.It was the coolest moment of my life to have my own baby in my life.Also my family had no sort of pressure on me about the baby being a boy or a girl.It was a baby boy and I made a wish to dedicate my life to ensure our baby remains healthy and fit.I am glad to enjoy motherhood in my life and stay with my family.

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”



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