One of the most important thing for mother is that her pregnancy period gets over without any act of incident or accident.Moreover everyone prays and want that baby is born healthy and normal while mother stays safe and medically fit before and after the baby birth.Pregnancy is the difficult life cycle of our life and I get emotional when I see my baby.I have still tears of joy and happiness when I have my baby in my arms.During the first few months of pregnancy, it was not easy for me as I had to adjust to the weight and was weak and so I had to take extra care of myself.I felt very much obsessed with this whole new development inside me and started to look over the internet and would watch baby programs and buy magazines related to parenting and similiar stuff.I had backpain and neck stiffness many times during the period.I was also managing my home which made things difficult for me but I was able to arise to the occasion.

Here is my small experience of that day when my baby came to this beautiful world.I was really tensed in the hospital as the whole process involved a sugical operation.But nothing could come in between me and my baby and I got the beloved tag of being a mother.My first reaction was kind of being silent for a while and then I shouted out.I too the the baby in my arms and hug him numerous times in those first five minutes.Then I do remember that baby went to sleep for a while and I tried to make him feel comfortable in external environment.

I would even do exercise and walk in the park post my dinner in order to stay active and get rid of boredom.One must not stay over protective and rather should try to stay as much as normal as possible.Sometimes skin may get even tone and scars may develop which happens in this period.I would encourage to either take advise of your doctor and you can also use the bio-oil.The best unique point about this bio-oil is that it does not have any side effects and woman can use it without any hesitation during the pregnancy.It is really effective and can help the budding mother to get back her confidence and can maintain her looks while going through the changes in this important phase of her life.This would certainly make them happy and put big smile on their face too.

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

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