Learn to Work

This young generation is very much active on social sites and more inclined to web world and mobile has become their true companion. New generations lack emotions and restless. They do not know the value of emotions and spending time with family members. They do not feel the importance of their parents and sacrifice done by them just to make them happy. Mother for them has become a kind of working object for them and they just want to order things and want their demand fulfilled at any cost. There is urgent need to end this bias of treating woman as a worker at home. It is point of self respect and giving importance to woman power. We must end this gender inequality and discrimination on basis of gender or sex.We never gives a thought to it but this is the story of every Indian house. Teachers in school should start some kind of extra activities which sends a message that no division or discrimination at home within a family.Parents and teachers should work in co-ordination so that they can suggest some ideas to make the child understand that division of labour at home is important and mother or sister is not the only who will work out things. Child should be given coaching and proper mentoring so that he or she can be motivated to work at home.

Parents should try to minimize or give them orders rather them doing all the household work. Parents should not fulfil all the wishes of their children and let the child struggle a bit in his life and at home. All things should be done through spoon feeding only and we must leave the child for some time so that child get some activity and learn things at home. Parents can introduce fun days where child gets rewarded for cleaning his study table and watering the garden etc.As a parent you can also divide certain task between the two child as competition also bring up the motivation level. Parents should make the child understand that no one will laugh at them or make them feel guilty if doing these household chores. Child can also develop his skills by cooking and learning basic so that in can help in long term when he or she may have to travel to another city or emergency situation at home.

I have seen this problem in my household but slowly things are improving and I am going to make sure that my children follow the right path.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

Live and Stand Up

Life is more about how you manage the time and work. It is about giving enough time to your family members and love ones plus at the same time we need to be professional in life. It is felt that working people often get busy in their professional life and they get less time to enjoy with family and help in home. The other reason is presence of social media and mobile phones which has also resulted in less interaction with our close friends. It is seen that in our country parents take the charge of their children until the point of their marriage or job. This also harms the child personality and makes him shy and

We have a culture where child is completely dependent on father or mother and this is has certain negative and positive effects. One of the things which come to my mind is that children start to look out for someone to help them in every task. They are nervous to work in independent way. It is often seen that child want the dinner to be served to them and they want their clothes to be set and everything ready for home. This makes the child believe that her mother is responsible for doing all things in the house. It is his right to ask her to get her sort out and leads to spoon feeding. We need to tackle this concept out of female being responsible for all the work. Gender equality must be there at home and everywhere. Children are now educated but still this inequality exists and nobody raises their voice.

Today I want to raise my ideas through this blog post on things parents can do so that child understands about ways to share the load. Teaching them early and giving them good moral education will make them good human being and lead to mature mind. There can be a rule book where child is given certain home duties like putting his dirty clothes in the washing machine and cleaning his toilet. Child should be told to keep his room fit and make everything look impressive and in orderly way.It is the generation which come become future leaders and for them such training is very important so that they can become reliable and ready to take big decisions while being independent. Next generation has been stopping this old tradition and join the movement for equal share of load at home.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.