Health is Wealth

Our country future is going to depend on present generation kids. They are going to handle big responsibility and will be responsible for country growth and its development. But first point is in order to achieve success in setting up this platform comes out to be health. Health plays a major role and helps in developing child personality. Health is not just about being strong but also to be mentally fit and active. The current situation demands child to be smart and full of energy. It is often seen that parents think more about their studies and forgets everything else. I am talking about child physical development and growth. This can be achieved only child is motivated to go out in open and take part in various sports and cultural activities. It could be indoor games or outdoor. It could be related to his passion or hobbies like painting or any adventure sports. This helps to give extra edge to child in his development and teaches him importance of having a team and sportsmanship. It also tells about the child character and his endurance.

It is good to see that parents take care of their children in India in a good way but sometimes they are bit overprotective. They think too much about child and this can be negative too. I am pointing here to child growth and his body weight. Some parents think that child not growing or his weight is not increasing with age. They try to take decisions without any doctor consultation or talking to anyone. Parents must understand that child growth is different for everyone and it may take certain time. Delayed or lost growth could be possible only when children are not being given the right diet or food to eat. It could be also possible due to food adulteration which is common these days and also if the child is eating out more junk food. It is parent’s responsibility to find a solution to these problems and be strict when it comes out to child health. Another factor for child lost growth could be psychological stress due to exams or other family problems. Parent should try to keep child engaged and give him all kind of support as required by the child from time to time.

Parents also get stressed when they see their child get abused in school due to his health or weight issues. It is common problem for obese children or with low height. It is a matter of concern for both parent and child but the best possible solution is to ignore such issues and act to get solution to this problem. The right way to move forward is to consult a dietician and discuss about the solution. Parents must ensure child eats breakfast and meal on time and do not throw it. They can also prepare day chart which includes indulging in yoga or swimming. There could be need of change in eating habits and more of fresh fruits or green vegetables could be recommended. Then we also have Horlicks which is being used by parents from almost a decade which is great diet supplement for young and adults.Horlicks Growth+ can really be helpful in regaining lost growth or for children suffering from malnutrition.






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