Learning from #AdviceThatMattered

Everyone wants to fulfil their dreams but they don’t know how to do this. I also had a dream of becoming a very popular person. Many problems came in the way, sometimes I felt like leaving everything and moving normally as everyone else would do but then there was always something that motivated me. If you think positive in your minds, those positive thoughts will send some positive energies in the environment and according to Newton`s third law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When a person is motivated from inside to complete a task, believe me there is no power in this universe that can stop him/her. The second essential tool for achieving something big in life is “Never Stop Chasing Our dream”. I think it is the dream itself that drives the life ahead. When a person stops dreaming it is like he has stopped living his life. It is unfortunate to say but when a person stops dreaming either he is more prone to depression or either luckily he has achieved the key to wisdom that can only be achieved through completion of series of dreams. As far as the inspiration is considered you can be inspired by things around yourself but don’t believe on anything more than your belief in yourself because that is what you are and that is something which will take you to your dreams.

I cannot express my greatness to my friend who is always there standing behind me as a pillar to me. His advice is so much relevant at all times and gives me rime to withstand any kind of pressure situation and stay ahead in life. His advice to clear one paper while preparing for government exam really helped me very much. His advice to fitness during my overweight condition helped me to recover my body and come to normal category shape. It is extremely quite difficult when we are embarrassed by others for our personality and in such times friends are really helpful. He gave me strength to face this situation in a very easy way. I would take their criticism as blessing for myself after his advice. I hold him as my best friend to whom I could trust and say without any formality. He has believed in my work and taken it seriously than anyone else. I am blessed to have such friend who is more close to me after my parent and equal to brother. He is the person who I believe will stay forever to make me closer to my future dreams.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”



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