Reviving Wishes and Dreams

Teaching is one profession which makes me smile and gives me inner peace in life. It is profession to share knowledge with everyone and get satisfaction. I like to teach from my school days and have taken professional qualification to become a teacher for students in secondary class and higher class. I can teach them different subjects and help to solve their problems and make learning fun. It was always my dream to be a successful teacher and though it could not be completely achieved but still I tried my best to beat all the objections and blockages to achieve my goals.

The journey of becoming a successful teacher after marriage was not very easy for me. I had to go through lot of emotional pain and hard work to clear all the barriers as I had to take my own responsibilities of new home as well. It was a tough mental challenge to play different roles from being a wife, mother and a teacher. There were certain stages when I felt giving it up my dream to teach students in the school and give something back to the society. Then I was completely surprised one day when my husband who completely understood me and gave me optimism and hopes to continue my job search and fulfil my dream to become a teacher. He took up the task to search job sites and newspapers and gave me directions about sending my resumes to different places and also makes a job profile on job portal website. His idea really worked for me and I started getting calls for my interview. It was very difficult for me to approach other family members about my vision to start going to school and do teaching job. They were against it but somehow my husband become my strength and motivated me to give interviews. With god blessing and confidence, I managed to grab my first job and felt very happy that my dream was fulfilled. This was really turning point of my career and I feel that my education has not gone waste anymore. Further morning prayers and teaching kids helps me to stay calm and brings joy in my life. My life is complete as I have teacher job in government school and also my family members are now proud of my job. I have seen my new family who have now given me resources, time and everything just to have freedom to teach and live my dream.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”


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