Importance of Emotions

Relationship is a very complicated thing. And this complexity increases when one talks about that relationship which has love, care, jealousy, anger and comparison. I am talking of the most complex relationship of the world which is conditional under the barriers of unconditional love. Yes, if you get it right I am talking about the relationship that the siblings share.

This sibling love is really confusing because it varies from family to family, generation to generation and sometimes is so surprising that it can motivate you to complete the toughest job or sometimes de-moralise you to even fail in the easiest one. It happened to me too. It is a story which not many would know about as we are not the ones to socialize that much of our story like many others in the society. However, this is the best story I could ever dream of.

It happened when I was 10 years old. Me and my elder brother were going to the market. I must tell you in advance that me and my brother didn’t share a good relationship. It was just that we talked only about important things and didn’t interfere in our own daily lives. And then we were going to the market together because we were asked by the mother to bring in the 20kg flour packet which none of us could handle alone leaving no condition but to go together.

When we reach the grocery store we ordered the flour and then the store owner asked us for the payment which we then realized to forgot at home only. That was a pretty embarrassing moment for my brother as he made such a childish mistake in front of everyone. And then to handle the moment he angrily put the blame on me that he gave the money to me and I had forgotten them at home. I was left in a situation where I could have not said anything but could only stare his face.

That day I covered one of his mistakes and it made him feel special and then that day it was the first time that he brought a gift for me. I had a special affection towards good and costly pens but I thoroughly that my brother didn’t knew about it but surprisingly he bought a parker for me which I always wanted to use.It is such stories which happens in our daily life which shows the emotions and warmth in our  day to day relations which we want to carry forward in future.

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Life #MagicOfWarmth

This blog is devoted to the love of my younger sister who is very sweet. Now the time has changed. She is married and well settled in her own family and I am busy with my work here in my own city. But there is one thing that is still the same as we were 9 and that is our love that we share equally in our relationship. Let me take you to our past life. When we were small we used to have fights even on the smallest issues ranging from tv episodes to the extra samosa which used to left every time in the end when guests departed. I may forget everything else but can never forget that fight which we used to have on the TV remote right after returning home after school it was really a trouble for mom to handle. And so I remember that dad made this rule the one who snaps away the remote first would get an opportunity to watch the tv for half an hour and from that day onwards we started having the race to decide who will reach to the remote first after returning home.

Those were really nice days but now things have changed a little although we met almost every weekend but now we dont fight on small issues. Although now we  have some new characters in the story which play this fighting role. I am talking about my daughter and her son. As the old generation turns old the newer ones prosper and this scenario is so beautiful to be seen by our own eyes. We have seen our childhood and now we stand watching ourselves as adults and soon we may also see ourselves growing old when time would become restless and we will be sitting together on those chairs we used to play on but now sitting there waiting for the lives to turn off upon us.

People may say that death is a thing of great horror, people may say that they are affraid of the death but the reality is living a lovely life with my loved ones gives me far more strength that I can hug death and say I had have more than enough thanks for this opportunity we know as life.

Life is so beautiful if you have good relationships.With this I am signing out of this blog but not before saying “People are born and they may die, but never pitty the dead, always pitty the living.”

“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil