#CleanUpCashOut Aborted Tech Guide

Upgrading of technology and gadgets is one such thing which has taken over the nation and everyone. We want to get the latest mobile phone with all kinds of feature from high pixel camera, fast processor, dual capability and so much more. The truth is that having the latest gadget has become the style statement for every user. People prefer to change their gadgets than upgrading one as it costs much less and also make our experience more efficient.
Technology race will never going to end as we are all destined to evolve you and lead the future. I am kind of person who few years ago had no information about internet and using these smart devices. It is wise to say that people from my generations have also evolved in learning about new way to communicate and exploring these devices to move along the present generation. This all effort made me curious to buy my first laptop and Nokia phone about a decade back. It was simple device which had dialling pad and four button keys. It was small and had music playing with a mini camera. I believe having that Nokia phone was my lifeline as I was moving from traditional landline to digital devices.
As the mobile technology moved forward and in another two years we had a big revolution of big and expensive phones. My phone becomes out of date and I decided to move bigger and better Nokia device. It was very difficult in those days about selling off my old device as there were not many online classified portals or any exchange offers. It was difficult task in finding the new buyer as I was afraid of giving to the stranger due to terrorist activities and using phones for wrong purpose. I went to my uncle shop to see if he can help me but no one was willing to keep the old model as there were not many buyers for it. It was then suggested by my husband that about making a poster for old mobile and pasting in the local market and in the community centre hall. I took the help of my brother who was good in animation and created a wonderful poster with all the details and beautiful original pictures of my smartphone.We made a creative ad and posted copies of it with our landline given at the bottom.
Now we had tick all the checkboxes and made the efforts for pitching our mobile phone and waiting for the prospective buyer to call us. This all reminded me about my college lecture of my teacher about selling and marketing from our course module. After positioning our product in the market then finally we had multiple calls from people in nearby streets and we were able to get positive response from them. One of prospective buyer turned out at our home and then we had good chit chat over coffee and biscuits about mobile phone. My husband also took interest in it and he further gave him device and offered him the phone for reasonable price. We wanted to have full satisfaction from buyer side and decided to give him phone to check and make calls plus click pictures too. It was then buyer agreed to purchase the device and as a matter of regard we gave him free phone cover with it. It was really a good transaction for both of us after mutual agreement.

Selling your old and trash gadgets is more simple and quicker now with so many apps and websites.There are exhange offers and festival offers are also there which gives to chance to buy new one.There is new trend which is started now for selling old gadgets with help of Cashify which has policy of on spot cash #CleanUpCashOut.They are authentic and give back good value of old products.



Steps to Sell your old phone through Cashify

a. Select the brand


b. Select the model


c. Answer questions about your smartphone.



d. Tell about overall condition


e. Get the quote and sell your device.

etHere is a coupon code CLEANCASH for my readers to get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets.

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