Ticket to Migrate and Study Outside India

My dream is travel abroad and visit different countries around the world. It is one of the moments which will be my dream when I get a chance to travel to foreign destination. I love to learn about foreign language and culture. I want to mix with people of different countries and understand about their living style and see how our living style compared to them. Another reason for taking up this goal is because my parents always wanted me to travel and explore the world but it was not possible due to certain circumstances. This goal is not just confined to me but many people who want to migrate or things which are still not available in India and there are not education institutes which can provide the right knowledge. Thus we have to take certain decisions in life to go ahead alone without family and fulfil our dreams. It comes up with many challenges as you cannot just book the flight ticket and catch the airplane.

Some of the major broad challenges which my cousin have experienced and shared with me are –

  1. Funding and Money
    We all know that money does not grow in trees and most of us belong to middle class family. We are dependent on hand to mouth savings and bank deposit for most of the time and moving abroad involve cost of school fees, accommodation and flight tickets.
  2. Government Documents and Mark Sheet
    All documents original like Passport and educational scores must be carried in original.
  3. Insurance Cover
    Medical treatment is expensive in foreign country and so you must have insurance cover for your safety.
  4. Money Transfer and Funds
    You should have local bank account as conversion of money to local currency from Indian Rupee is expensive affair.
  5. Clothes and Food
    If you are vegetarian then be prepared to cook food at your hostel or place you are going to live as food is non vegetarian in most place. You should take ready to eat meals if it is for short stay. Also check the weather and pack clothes accordingly.

These are the same factors which are applicable when you have got green signal and visa stamped on your passport and now ready to leave. These were the basic steps but now the actual step to your journey starts months before if you plan ahead at right time. This is point to be noted that you must clear the English Language Test which is requirement by university to take admission and also for job application. The reason behind this is that English is their main language and is accepted globally around the countries. It is so important to read, understand, write and speak this language proficiently. You have to either give IELTS and TOEFL or other English test. These test have limited and confined center and take time to schedule your date and it is very difficult to clear and get good rank for average individual.

But now there is new form of English test known as PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) for everyone who wants to fulfil his dream and conquer the world. Here is small brief about this exam.

What is PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic)?

It is English based skill test covering different aspects of English and computer based for migration, education and job applicants abroad.

What are its advantages?

  • It is quick and easy to register. You can schedule in advance from hundreds of centres.
  • Results are declared within 5 days and faster than other English language test.
  • Test is divided into 3 sections and takes 3 hrs to finish.

You can send the results to as many universities in various countries. Some popular top university are Harward, ALTEC, MIT, INSEAD, UCL Language centre etc. You can use your test score in much university of USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand.

How do you clear the exam?


As a common individual we all need good resources to learn and practice before the final test. Pearson has worked on it and now you do not need to worry about facing this exam as Pearson has designed PTE Preparation Course which gives you knowledge from every aspect of clearing the exam. You can ask for Gold, Silver and Platinum preparation test plus sample test.#DefinitelyPTE is one way to sort out the English test and move forward to fulfil your foreign world dream.

#DefinitelyPTE is giving a chance to common man like us to improve our English skills before final test and do see this video to know more Pearson VUE test.