God Blessing Selfie speaks my Emotions

I am very photogenic person and love to take lots of pictures and selfies wherever I travel.I have passion for travel and see our beautiful country India.I really feel lucky to get opportunity to travel with my family members to travel to Jammu and Kashmir.But in one of the trip which was taken few years back was full of emotions and lot of troubles.

I will say that nothing can be planned in this world and you cannot fight against the nature and control it.I am here talking about one of the most dangerous and heart breaking experience of my life time which was during my week trip to Kashmir known as paradise on earth.Our first two days were sort of perfect trip and we we went to Dal Lake where we got the thrilling and live experience of buying vegetables from floating market. It was good to have a boat ride for few hours and see the greenery and birds around the lake.Then we moved to Pahalgaon and we went to travel up the hills to Baisharan valley.

Next day we had to get back home to catch our flights but then the real journey started.We had enormous amount of rain and all the water came into the kashmir valley and it was panic situation thereafter.We were out of connection with outside world and were rescued by Indian air force after few days of survival.

Selfie that speaks my Emotions -Taking God Blessing!

This selfie moment was taken during our transportation of all the tourists from the Pahalgam Air force station in the helicopter to Jammu camp area.

I was so afraid during this selfie moment that I did not even wanted to open my eyes and was continuously praying for welfare of me and my family.I was praying to God for saving us from this natural calamity which had caused loss of destruction of life and property in Kashmir.This special selfie always reminds me to trust in God and my loving family.I was happy and crying at the same time and had mixed emotions too.

Rescue done by Air Force Team

Some trips are really memorable and this one travel moment helped me to understand about the life.It changed my perception towards environment and society.I was happy after this trip because it helped me realized about people who really care about me and my family and those who are just for formality purpose.Another part was that our stay was extended for more than a week and we had some strong bonding among the family members due to this calamity.

We were dropped to Jammu railway and it was good to be backing home and get back to routine life.

I pray that none of my readers go through the same situation in their life.

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