Toilet for Babli -Dream To Make New India

After my marriage when I shifted my husband ancestral home Rampur village in Uttar Pradesh. It was hot humid conditions of summer and at that time, we used to live in a bungalow and our means of transportation was cycle. My husband was still looking for job struggling at that time and used to help my father in law. There was nothing much in village and with no basic amenities like medical, roads or grocery shop. The worst part was that our home was located next to the railway station. Every morning, I could see people having a bottle in hand and going out in open to defecate near the railway tracks or waiting for train to stop in order to use the toilets. There were no public toilets and government local bodies had done nothing for developing the village. In one of instance a young girl was crossing the tracks to go to other side to defecate was hit by the train and died on spot. This incident raised the concern for the people in the villages that innocent girl could have saved her life if there was a toilet at her home. After the incident Pradhan decided to build a public toilet and raised point to be away from tracks. But building a single toilet could not solve the issue as it was not enough to cater village population.Villagers continued to take risk and go into bushes or cross the track for finding a place where they cannot be seen by anyone.

Few days later, my husband got job and we shifted our base to Delhi. Now twenty years have passed and we have moved to the national capital but still when we go back to our village to see our ancestral property, we find the things have not changed much and still people go out in open to relieve themselves. On the day of arrival, we came to know about an incident in the village that one girl was bitten by a snake and died while she was in the bushes to defecate. It raises a doubt in my mind why there are still no toilets in the village and how many more precious lives will be lost and small girls will have to pay the price for it. The toilets are need of the hour and basic human right. When we have public toilets, it will help to keep the roads clean, reduce the risk of diarrhoea and also ensure dignity of women.

Proper sanitation and hygiene is important for everyone to be fit and healthy. It is positive sign from our new Indian government with initiative to build toilets in school with help of many multinational companies as a part of corporate social responsibility. This will certainly help in creating awareness and help poor people who cannot afford to build toilets.For this support,Domex has also come forward and set up  #ToiletFoBabli campaign and asked for public participation.

I have done my part by contributing in this campaign and I would ask everybody to support Domex  #ToiletFoBabli initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.


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Nainital Memories with Friends

Nainital trip with my school friends will always be special as this was the first time I was travelling with my small little cute son. This journey was full of fun and I was very happy to take my son along on his first trip out of home town. During the trip, we clicked so many wonderful photos together and also with us were many kids so it was good company for my son.
The preparation and plan for the trip started when everyone had assembled at my home and we were all having dinner together. The occasion was very special as it was the day; my husband got his first promotion in his job. I feel our son was a lucky charm for the family as when he entered our world, things changed for us and we moved from rented house to our own house. Also my husband promotion which was long due and our savings increased with times.

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As we were having gala time at dinner table and engaged in jokes with each other, suddenly one of my friends Rachna told me that only dinner will not do for such a big promotion, we need a grand party and celebration. So everyone joined her and started to shout “Party! Party!”As I had no choice and so agreed. Then Rachna further told that this party will happen at some other location and not my place. Then from round the corner table, Sunil said “Nainital”.First I was surprised about the location and then we all settled to make a 3 day trip to Nainital in that year on summer holidays. At that moment I was a teacher and thought it was perfect as I will get my days off.

All set and ready, we went to Nainital as it was scorching heat in summer with hot air blowing everywhere. We hired two taxi van as that time and enjoyed our way to Nainital.During the journey, we stepped many times to play cricket, rest at dhaba and click photographs with black and white camera. When we reached Nainital, we booked a 3 star hotel which was not much costlier at that time and we lit a camp fire in the garden and enjoyed each other company. I was really happy enjoying the natural view and coldness in the air. Next morning, we went to the Nainital Lake for riding in boat and later my son had a horse ride. Then in evening us all ladies went to market for buying local stuff and had fast food and snacks. It was really great trip with social bonding with each other. I do miss those trips very much now as now we all are busy in our world and are more connected with whatsapp and viber world. Wish those good times come again and we all friends enjoy together and make a trip back to Nainital.

Wills Lifestyle Beauty Fashion Week

Like every woman, I am also indulged in shopping and very much a shopoholic.It is my favourite hobby and I love buying clothes for myself and my kids. With experience, now I have better understanding of fashion and wear clothes with matching accessories and trending styles. Earlier I used to shop from local markets like Karol Bagh,Khan Market and Lajpat nagar.But now with time, I am more into fashionable and modern clothes from renowned fashion designer outlets like Wills Lifestyle, Global Desi,Zara,Biba and many more to name them. I feel there cloths are worth the money and use good quality material.

Me and my husband regularly visit the Ambience Mall in Delhi and Gurgaon and once while shopping at Global desi outlet; I was offered to become a member of their brand club. So without even asking the benefits, I joined the club and got discounts on my further purchase. I am on twitter and likely follow designers like Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre, Gauri & Nainika, Tarun etc.So One day I tweeted out just for fun that how much I love her global desi store clothes and being a big fan of her fashion sense. Next day I further tweeted that it would be great if I could see her future outfits in advance and what is in store next week in Wills Lifestyle fashion week. In few hours I got a dm from her team which asked for my email and details. I was totally excited when I got an email from their team that I was invited to attend Wills fashion week show. Seeing the mail, I jumped out of my seat with joy and could not believe how much lucky I was. I quickly replied to her and within two days, I got passes to most fashionable event of the year at Pragati Maiden, New Delhi.

100_3668 100_3647

I reached the venue and got through the security check. I was told by security staff that mobile phones to be switched on silent mode and keeping the flash off as it may distract the models walking the ramp. Attending the show was like a big honour for me and I was completely impressed by her new collection and dresses which were displayed during the event. I could see many celebrities and renown faces sitting in the first two rows either side of the ramp. I wanted to chat with them but due to high security and reservation, it was not possible to reach closer to them. The show was a huge success and everyone applauded Anita for her hard work and greeted her.

100_3662 100_3664

I felt among the lucky one to get once in lifetime chance to be in the reserved list and getting the invite from Global desi team itself. I hope I can attend more such events and increase my knowledge about fashion outfits and clothes.

My Sister 25th Wedding Anniversary

Certainly time flies with flash of seconds as I try to remember the day when my sister was sitting in front of mirror and getting ready and I was trying to make sure her saree and make up matches and she looks like miss universe. Her wedding was kind of emotional moment for me as I we had shared so many memories together and our childhood notorious moments plus much more. There was time when I used to do her homework and she would give me her chocolate and I used to give her my jewellery box and much more to it. It was arranged marriage within the family and it was tough time for her to adjust in new surrounding and live in other city. I felt if I could go with her and live with her as it was first time she is going from home and that too for lifetime. My tears could not stop at the time she was leaving but somehow I manage to keep myself happy and bold.

As I blog about my shy sister and her marriage, we received an invitation with all family members to visit Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh for special occasion of celebration of twenty five years of their marriage and still going strong. My mother and all in the family were completely surprised by the invitation and could not even recollect that they were going to complete 25 years together. My mom decided to make it special for them and we brought a gold ring for my sister as a surprise gift and I bought a check peter England shirt and trouser for her husband.

On the day of their anniversary, we hired Indica car and went to Bareilly in the morning for attending the special function arranged in banquet hall. We came to know that around fifty close relatives from either side of family were invited to meet and greet each other for dinner. In the evening, as the party started and guests started coming in, I could see my sister really happy with her kids. Then they both cut the wedding anniversary cake which was ordered by her mother in law and attain her blessings.Furthur there was exchange of garlands as it was done during their marriage.

100_2353 100_2329 100_2343 100_2382

Everyone greeted the couple and gave them gifts with wishes for their lifelong relationship. Then the music started and everyone entered the dancing arena with glasses in hand and shaking their bodies. Later around 9 pm,dinner was served and we all chatted with each other about the marriage day and present occasion.It was great to meet each other and next day in morning,we came back to our home with sweet memories of my sister marriage anniversary.

Varanasi Ganga Holy Tour

Last year in November, I and my family decided to visit the holy land of Kashi popularly known as Banaras and Varanasi. We had thought about this trip about the same time when my great father passed away one year backbit was his wish that he wanted to have holy dip in Ganga river chanting “Har Har Mahadev ” and worshiping Ganga river but unfortunately we lost him due to his medical problems and lost to fight again cancer. It was Diwali time and we thought it as perfect occasion to see the decorated temples and lightings around Varanasi.

We had two families with us and so decided to hire a mini bus capacity of 14 seater.It was my family comprising of 5 members and my cousin family of four and my two cousin sister with us. With my entire luggage packed in the morning, we told the driver to my cousin house in Delhi near Ashram Chowk to pick them up .It was good to meet each other as they joined us for Kashi journey. During the journey, we started with morning prayers from great singer chanting Jai Mata Di and then later switching to religious songs. My cousin sister brought morning breakfast of Indian bread with stuff potato filling and mix vegetable for us. Around 10 am in the morning, we had good delicious breakfast and then we all dozed off for 2 hrs sleep in the mini bus. While around 1 pm, we insisted driver to have some rest and tea break. Right on the highway, around 120 kms before Varanasi, we all stopped at small local restaurant on the highway to have lunch and cup of tea.

We crossed Allahabad around 4 pm and reached Varanasi around 6pm.Our first stop was directly at Ganga ghat for evening rituals across the Ganga River and visiting the famous temple near the main Ghat.Later we had simple dinner at local restaurant and went to Dharamshala for night stay.
000_0010 100_1007 100_1016 100_1021

Next day, early morning we all went to have holy dip in Ganga River and then a boat ride with family members. During the boat ride, I really got emotional and started to cry remembering my father but my family consoled me at the right time. No one can take his place in this world and I would dedicate this trip to my father. Later in afternoon we had some shopping for our friends and headed back to our home in the evening.