A healthy child makes a happy home

My home is my temple and my family is everything for me. In my family, I have my lovely husband, my cute son and my mother in law. Every day I pray to God that there is peace and harmony in the family and wish for their good health and happiness for all. It feels so awesome when my son is playing away with his friends outside or when at home, running all around the house. His notorious crimes and thousands of questions which he asks me and everyone and keeps us on our feet searching for the answers. I can see the smile on everyone face when I see my son happy in family.

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Our life is full of stress and tensions from earning money, fighting daily issues, playing different roles in the family. All this takes a big toll on our lifestyle but one smile of our son keeps me and my husband going. There are times at home when I and my husband thoughts do not match and we often get into quarrel. This all causes disturbance at our home but we make sure that our child stays away from it. The true fact is that in our home fights, when my son enters into room, we try to change the topic or move out. I would say that somehow he helps us to stay calm and keep the family together. Also my mother in law who is suffering from liver problems for quite some time feels that her grandson is big force of motivation for her to live for another ten years and so want to see him grow and be a successful person.

For me, my morning starts early in the morning waking up to fill the water tanks so that our daily requirement of water is complete. I figure out it as my duty that I make sure we all intake healthy diet with sufficient nutrients. As my son wakes up around 6 am to get ready for school, I try to prepare Tiffin box which includes fresh salad with green vegetables and a sweet for taste. I give my kid milk daily with Horlics and banana. And when he comes back home, I give him fresh fruits to eat with juice. The main point for me is my child remains fit and does not get tired after six hours of school and still have enough energy left to play in the evening and do his homework and still remain happy.

As a mother, I try to support him for everything which is right and motivate him to give his best. Giving love and attention from parents is most important thing in the child. Other factors important for a healthy child is believing and trusting in child. But even after caring so much about him, when there is change in seasons, he sometimes fell sick and misses his school. I feel the dust in the environment, pollution and increasing adulteration and use of pesticides has really impacted my family health and my child in the worst way. His body to fight against infections and diseases is not so strong and requires something more than diet and love. I am happy that there is presence of Dabur Chyawanprash which help to cope infections with its anti oxidant properties and has more than 40 other natural ingredients. We have made a habit at home for everyone to intake Dabur Chyawanprash after dinner instead of eating sweets. Being a mother, it will definitely help your child to live a healthy life.

I will end with “HEALTH IS WEALTH”,so be healthy and be Happy always!

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